Token Whale Anomaly Tracker

Token Whale Anomaly Tracker - it is a real time monitoring of whale activity in new tokens. Handful tool to spot new tokens with high potential. Available both on the Alphador website and in Pro Group.

Supported Chains

Currently works only in Ethereum chain.


  • Whales - buyers of the token with big $ balance.

  • Fresh Wallets - wallets which were created and deposited recently. If their overall balance is big, then there might be some insiders.

  • KYC - amount of popular wallets with linked twitter or many followers.

  • Locked LP - percent of locked liquidity. If percent is 0, then rugpull (when dev removes liquidity) is highly possible.

  • Contract Verified - whether the contract code is visible / open source.

  • MEV bots excluded from counting as whales

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