Trade Configuration

You can configure each trade with custom settings and also override global wallet configuration. Simply open trade config and set your settings which are the same as in wallet configuration.

  • Take Profit: when enabled you can set a percentage for automatic selling once a token reaches a particular profit percentage.

  • Stop Loss: when enabled you can set a percentage for automatic selling once a token drops to the particular loss percentage. You need to set a negative or positive number (while in Wallet Configuration you can set only negative). Positive Stop Loss number can be used when you have for example 150% profit and would like to stop loss if the trade drops to 90% profit, in this case you would set SL to 90.

  • Take Profit / Stop Loss sell amount: amount of the tokens % to sell when your TP or SL is triggered.

  • Trailing Stop: when enabled adjusts the stop loss as the token price reaches new highs, ensuring stop loss is moved up during a token's upward movement.

  • Slippage: accounts for the acceptable price movement during the buy and token taxes.

    • For example if your slippage is set to 3% and price of the token changes on 5% before your buy transaction is confirmed - then your transaction will be failed.

    • If token buy/sell tax is higher than your buy/sell slippage - your transaction will be failed.

    • If you set high slippage and do not use MEV Guard - there is a high chance your transaction will be sandwiched and you get less tokens or ETH.

Stop Loss notice

In trade configuration Stop Loss % can be both negative and positive number. For example, if the token price is +140% from the initial price, then you can set stop loss to 100 and if the trade profit drops to 100% then your trade will be automatically closed in profit with your stop loss.

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