🔍Friend.Tech 10k bot tracker

A bot for detecting new friend.tech users with 10k+ twitter followers.

Receive notifications about new FriendTech users and registered users before trading starts.

Link: https://t.me/FriendTechTracker


  • 🔗 Twitter - owner's twitter account

  • 📊 Twitter Score - calculated based on number of popular/big followers, account popularity and follower's quality

  • 👤 Followers - number of followers

  • 📄 Share Address - owner's wallet address

  • 💰 Price - current key price (per unit)

  • 🎯 Snipe with Alphador - immediately proceed to the trading menu

Twitter Score notes

For example, on the attached screenshot we could see a person with 15k followers, but 0 Twitter Score. Most of the time, it happens simply because such accounts are fake & catfish and created by simply buying a Twitter account with large following or by boosting followers count via different services in order to impersonate influencers or any other notable crypto / web3 person.

Fake account:

Real account:

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