Buy and Sell

How to buy token

In order to buy token you can open Trade page and enter the token address you would like to buy. Then you can enter the amount of ETH / BNB you would like to spend for this token. Once you hit "Buy" button - the transaction will be either simulated first before sending to the blockchain (if Fail Guard is enabled) or sent directly to the blockchain. You will see in the logs whether your transaction was successful or not. If your transaction was successful - you will see a new opened position.

How to sell token

In order to sell the token you can either do this from Trade page or from your Positions page

Buy or sell transaction fail reasons

Some of the most popular reason of failed buy tx:

  • Low slippage. If price of the token goes much higher than your % slippage before your buy transaction is confirmed - then transaction will be failed. You can increase your slippage to avoid such situations, but we recommend to use it with MEV guard then, because transactions with high slippage are usually sandwiched.

  • Low gas delta. When the market is very active we recommend to use gas delta at least at 5 to avoid situations when your transaction is stalled because of low gas fee.

  • Token buy tax is higher than your slippage

  • Issues with token

Some of the most popular reason of failed sell tx:

  • Low slippage

  • Low gas delta

  • Token sell tax is higher than your slippage

  • Token has a delay before you can sell it

  • Issues with token or it is a honeypot

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