Alphador Pro Group

Alphador Pro Group is a private group in Telegram and is available for Basic Alpha and Pro tiers only. You can buy a subscription here -

How to access Alphador Pro Group

  1. Create account on Alphador

  2. Buy Basic Alpha or Pro subscription

  3. Open Settings and go to Telegram Notifications.

  4. Launch Crypto Events Bot. Run /pro_group command


Alphador Pro group consists of many channels, so let's review all of them.

🔝 Trends by AI - this channel is completely automated and managed by AI. Every 3 hours AI gives the information about potential opportunities based on the information from Twitter and other sources. You need to analyse each opportunity and take a decision whether it's a worthy one. Overall, we found many opportunities from this channel. For example, we found token CAPO before it did 50x.

🐦 Twitter Shitcoin Calls - this channel is completely automated. We gathered the best influencers / shillers which can affect on the token prices and also inform about new potential GEMs. Once these influencers post something in their twitter - tweet will be forwarded to this channel. Importance of each influencer is defined with ⭐, the more stars - the more reliable influencer is.

💎 Shitcoins - in this channel Alphador team posts about their moves (buys / sells) of shitcoins. Remember, that investing in shitcoins is very risky and we lose sometimes as well.

🔥 Smart Wallets Feed - we manage the list of the best performing wallets and in this channel you can observe their moves.

💲 Smart Wallets - we constantly looking for the new smart wallets and manage the lists with these wallets. Once we have some updates related to smart wallets - we post them in this channel.

🐳 Token Whale Anomaly - monitors new tokens for whale buys. If whales enter the token, we receive a notification. If more whales come in, we also get a notification.

👑 Helpful - in this channel you can find different helpful resources like bridges, DEXes, twitter influencers etc.

👀 Must Watch - here we post some early projects or other activities which are worth to observe or even participate.

We recommend to learn more about each tool and in perfect scenario you can combine multiple tools when doing your own due diligence.

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