Trading Bot FAQ

How to delete trade?

If for some reason you want to completely delete your trade - you can use "Delete" button on Positions page.

How to archive trade?

Sometimes you might want to archive the trade, for example when you are not going to sell the token or it is impossible to sell. For this you can use "Archive" button on Positions page. After archiving it will be shown in the closed positions.

I try to buy token but get an error

Most likely there is an issue with your slippage or gas delta. Check token buy tax and make sure that your slippage is higher than tax. Use Trade Configuration to set proper gas delta and slippage.

I try to sell token but get an error

There could be many reasons why you can not sell the token:

  • low slippage or slippage is lower than token sell tax

  • low sell gas delta

  • token has a delay before buyer can sell

  • token is honeypot (impossible to sell)

  • deployer of the token blacklisted you (use anti rug feature)

  • deployer of the token rug pulled and there is no liquidity

How platform trading fee is handled?

Platform fee is handled automatically. Once you have at least 0.01 ETH or 0.01 BNB of unpaid fees - our platform automatically deducts a fee from your wallet with the biggest balance. You will see this transaction in your logs.

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