CEX CEX Arbitrage Scanner

The arbitrage opportunities aren't limited to CEX and DEX. Sometimes, the most lucrative opportunities arise between two centralized exchanges. The Arbitrage CEX CEX tool from Alphador is built to capitalize on these opportunities.

The tool scans and identifies potentially profitable arbitrage paths between different CEXes. The cryptocurrency market is global and decentralized, so discrepancies can arise between pricing the same asset on other exchanges.

Like the Arbitrage CEX DEX scanner, the CEX CEX version also offers customization options, allowing you to set filters, blacklist certain exchanges, and set the scanner to auto-refresh. This flexibility makes the tool a valuable asset for traders, enabling them to tailor the scanner to their trading preferences.


While we tried to make Arbitrage Paths feature as safe as we can, we still think that this feature must be used only by the users who understand all the risks and know how to use such tools properly.

Our list of the tokens that we scan for Arbitrage Paths is filtered out from the tokens with high taxes, zero liquidity and so on. Though there still could be some tokens with hidden taxes or other traps which were not detected by our filters. That is why it is better either to focus on some exact tokens or do some checks for the token you would like to arbitrage.

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